Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Stanton DeFreitas Is A Canadian Native Entrepreneur

Stanton DeFreitas is an entrepreneur and businessman who understands the world of international business better than most. This is because he has been involved in the field for so long. Stanton DeFreitas is an international business consultant who works with businesses, ventures, groups, and individuals from all over the world to help them to develop their business prospects. His work has allowed him to travel all over the world and to work with people from various countries and cultures over the course of his career. He is pleased to be able to experience so many different languages, customers, cultures, and foods from around the world due to his work.

To be able to interact with, and learn from, business people from all over the world is really a dream for Stanton DeFreitas. He enjoys being able to interact with these successful and capable people, who help to inform him further for future business interactions—whether it is about cultures and customs or business. Stanton DeFreitas also gets to analyze ventures and provide solutions for how they can experience growth. Bridging gaps in the business world is what Stanton DeFreitas does best. Speaking multiple languages is useful, but Stanton DeFreitas is able to speak the language of international business!

Stanton DeFreitas is a native of Canada, having been born and raised in Toronto's east end neighborhood, Scarborough. He is a proud Canadian, but is also happy to celebrate his Caribbean heritage any chance he gets. Scarborough was a diverse neighborhood in the middle of a multicultural city, which meant that he was exposed to many different cultures, languages, foods, religions, nationalities, and cultures growing up. Stanton DeFreitas was taught to celebrate diversity from a very early age and learned that there were advantages to being different or thinking differently.

Stanton DeFreitas is more than just a celebrator of diversity and analyst of international business ventures and practices. His aspiration today is to be a writer who is able to share his thoughts with readers on a number of important subjects close to his heart. This includes being able to write and create dialogues about international sport, international travel, world events, and health and wellness issues.